Factory Reset PaloAlto

Factory Reset PaloAlto


Connect to console port of PaloAlto device using Putty

Power on to reboot the device.
During the boot sequence, the screen should look like this:

Type maint to enter maintenance mode.

you will see a "CHOOSE PANOS" screen with the following options: PANOS (maint-other), PANOS (maint) or PANOS (sysroot0).
Please choose PANOS (maint). Press enter to continue.

Once in maintenance mode, the following is displayed, please press enter to Continue:

Arrow down to Factory Reset and press Enter to display the menu:

You will see the Image that will be used to perform the factory reset. Select Factory Reset and press Enter again:

Choose and select reboot when factory reset process is success.

NOTE: Please note that once reboot is complete you have to wait around 15 minutes login with default credentials in CLI .If you try immediately with default credentials it will be showing invalid credentials.so please wait...

default username : admin
default password : admin

You can verify everything is set to default by logging to web portal using the default credentials


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