What is FlexLinks

Flex links is a network switch feature which enables redundancy and load balancing at the layer 2 level. The feature serves as an alternative to Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). A pair of layer 2 interfaces, such as switch ports or port channels has one interface configured as a backup to the other. If the primary link fails, the backup link takes over traffic forwarding.

When we configure interfaces as FlexLinks they will not send BPDUs. There is no way to detect loops because we don't run spanning-tree on them. Whenever our active interface fails the backup interface will take over.As simple as that

Switch(config)#interface fa0/14
Switch(config-if)#switchport backup interface fa0/16

This is how we make interface fa0/16 a backup of interface fa0/14.

To verify
Switch#show interfaces switchport backup

NOTE : There will be only one interface active at the moment.


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