Error : Can not add a site to "Trusted sites zone" [Solved]

Internet Explorer assigns all websites to one of four security zones: Internet, Local intranet, Trusted sites, or Restricted sites. The zone to which a website is assigned specifies the security settings that are used for that site. You can choose which websites to assign to the Intranet, Trusted, or Restricted zones. By adding a website to a specific zone, you can control the level of security used on that site. For example, if you have a list of websites that you visit and you completely trust those sites, add those sites to the Trusted zone.

To add a site to Trusted Zone

-Open Internet Explorer 
-Navigate to the website that you want to add to a specific security zone.
-Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
-Click the Security tab, and then click Trusted sites
-Click Sites.
-The website should be shown in the Add this website to the zone field. Click Add.
-If the site is not a secure site (HTTPS), clear the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone check box.
-Click Close, and then click OK 

Sometimes you might come across an error : Can not add a site to "Trusted sites zone"

To solve this error try below method

-Open Internet Explorer.
-Click Tools, and then click Internet Options.
-Click the Advanced tab.
-Under Reset Internet Explorer Settings, click Reset.


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