How to ping multiple ip addresses from cmd prompt

If you are working as a  Network/System administrator you might come across situations to monitor network connectivity of multiple machines in your network at same time.Companies having large network may use Network Monitoring tools like PRTG Monitor .

As we all know, ping is one of the most useful network debugging tools used for verifying IP-level connectivity.Normally when we want to ping multiple IP addresses, we open command prompts and start pinging to each IP.

If the ping command gets a response, then the connection is good, and you can concentrate on other problems.If you are getting RTO's [Request time out] there is some connectivity problem in the network
If we have to monitor connectivity of multiple IP addresses we need to open each cmd prompt and need to ping all IPs.There are lot of free software which allow you to ping multiple IPs at same time.But many of the companies will not allow admins to install and use third party softwares to do that.In such cases we can use batch files to ping multiple IPs at same time.You can PING as many IPs with a single click.

How to make a Batch file to ping multiple IP addresses

- Open a notepad 
- Type

START "Google Primary DNS" ping -t
START "Google Secondary DNS" ping -t  

-Save it as Sysnet.cmd in your desktop .You can use as many IP address you want.All IP addresses are opened in seperate windows when you click on the Sysnet icon on your desktop

Instead of  "Google Primary DNS" you can use any Title you want.
Instead of "" and "" you can use any IP address you want.
Instead of "Sysnet.cmd" you can use any Name.cmd you want.

If you are interested in free software to ping multiple IPs at same time,You can try PingInfoView which is a small, very useful and free utility that allows you to easily ping multiple host names and IP addresses, and watch the result in one table.


  1. Thanks for the post .It worked perfectly fine.

  2. To have numerous set of connections interface cards on central processing unit and to dispense a different IP address to all card. Probably dispense various IP addresses to a solo NIC.

  3. Awesome :-) Thanks a lot for the help.

  4. try this guys (super easy and fast):

  5. hey, how to prevent cmd windows from closing itself? they last few seconds and they disappear - I am logged in as an administrator - win7 64bit - I know the trick cmd /k but how to incorporate it here?

    1. No need of cmd /k command . Have you tried same method in another machine ?

    2. I hope you didn't forget to add -t parameter for ping . START "Google Primary DNS" ping -t

  6. thank you soo much for the command

  7. You can use IP Location Findertool to determine the geographical location of any IP by simply pasting the IP address in the text box.

  8. Perfect!!! Works fine