Cisco ASA - Remote Management (via TELNET)

Cisco ASA - Remote Management (via TELNET)

1. Log on to the firewall > Go to enable mode > Go to configure terminal mode.

CiscoASA> enable
Password: ********
CiscoASA# configure terminal

2. Syntax to configure TELNET is "telnet {ip address} {subnet mask} {interface that its connected to}.

The following will just allow one host (

CiscoASA(config)#telnet inside

The following will just allow a whole network to 254

CiscoASA(config)#telnet inside

3. To set the password you use the "passwd" command (yes that's spelled correctly).

CiscoASA(config)# passwd PASSWORD123

4. By default the telnet session times out after 5 mins, To change it use below command

CiscoASA(config)# telnet timeout45 (set timeout to 45 min)

5. Don't forget to save the configuration

CiscoASA# write mem

Telnet - Via ASDM

1. Connect via ASDM > Navigate to Configuration > Device Management > Management Access > ASDM/HTTPS/Telnet/SSH > Add > Select Telnet > Supply the IP and subnet > OK. (Note you can set the timeout on this page also).

NOTE:  Be aware, all ASA devices running an operating system of 8.4(2) or newer, you can NO LONGER LOG IN WITH A USERNAME OF PIX, and the telnet password, you HAVE TO define a username and password, then enable AAA Authentication for SSH.


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