Initial Configuration of PaloAlto Network Firewall

By default, the firewall has an IP address of

First step we need to do is to assign a IP in the range 192.168.1.X to our machine which is going to connect to PAN device

Once the IP is configured ,Connect our machine to the PAN management Interface using a RJ-45 cable

From a browser, go to 

Add security exception

Once you get the login page ,Give username : admin ,Password : admin

Once credentials are given you will be login to the PAN device

We will be notified that we should change our credentials, which we need do in a later step:
Once you are able to login,You can get the default page like below

This page is customized  using widgets .We can drag or drop widgets as per our desire

Setup Management IP address

1. Select Device Tab> Setup > Management and then edit the Management Interface Settings.

2. Enter the IP Address, Netmask,

To prevent unauthorized access to the managementinterface, it is a best practice to Add the Permitted IP Addresses from which an administrator can access the
MGT interface. [Optional]
3. Select which management services to allow on the interface.Make sure Telnet and HTTP are NOT selected because these services use plain text and are not as secure as the other services and could compromise administrator

5. Click OK

6. To complete this we need to make sure we COMMIT the changes.For this we need to click the commit button at the right top of the screen

Once you click on that you will get a pop-up 
Click OK for that

You may be noticing that while changing the management it wont be getting to 100%.This is because the old IP is changed to the new

You can type the new IP https://x.x.x.x.x in the new browser and you can access the web console again


  1. What is the network diagram software used to create these cisco diagrams? Is it creately?

    1. I used to use diagrams from Web mainly. For editing I use sketch