Firepower 9300 - Initial configuration

Configure for Firepower Management

Below steps are for booting up Firepower 9300 for the first time

- Connect to the Firepower 9300 CLI using and complete the system configuration as prompted

Enter the setup mode; setup newly or restore from backup. (setup/restore) ? setup
You have chosen to setup a new Security Appliance. Continue? (y/n): y
Enforce strong password? (y/n): n
Enter the password for “admin”: <new password>
Confirm the password for “admin”: <repeat password>
Enter the system name: 9300FPR1
Physical Switch Mgmt0 IP address :
Physical Switch Mgmt0 IPv4 netmask :
IPv4 address of default gateway :
Configure the DNS Server IP address? (yes/no) [n]: n
Configure the default domain name? (yes/no) [n]: n

Following configurations will be applied:
Switch Fabic=A
System Name=9300FPR1
Enforced Strong Password=no
Physical Switch Mgmt0 IP Address=
Physical Switch Mgmt0 IP Netmask=
Default Gateway=
Ipv6 value=0

Apply and save the configuration (select ‘n’ if you want to re-enter)? (yes/no): yes
Applying configuration. Please wait.

Launch the Firepower Chassis Manager Web Interface from browser using https://<chassis_mgmt_ip_address> [This is the IP address of the Firepower 9300 that you entered during initial configuration] and login

If you have more than one chassis configure it in the same way using different management IP address.


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